Lohmann & Rauscher Komprex Foam Bandage Roll

SKU: LMR-22313
5 mm

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Product Details

This re-usable, closed-cell, dense foam is often used in lymphedema bandaging to soften fibrosis and apply compression when used with short-stretch bandaging.

The bandage rolls can be applied in spiral turns edge-to-edge, i.e, without overlapping and without stretching.

Made of synthetic latex, permeable to air and water vapor, the microporous material with its velvety surface can  be easily cut to make the shapes needed for utilization in a multi-layer compression bandage.

Rolled, individually packed in a cardboard box.

Each roll is 8 cm x 2 m (3.2" x 2.2 yd). You select the thickness.

Cannot be returned once opened.

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