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I just want to thank all of you for your products and for your good service. I was desperate to find a source for compression hose for my son, and found your company on the Internet. I left a message, thinking no one would call or someone would call weeks later...a most special young lady named Jeneen telephoned in just a short while, told us how to measure his leg, helped us decide what we needed and when the conversation ended I knew exactly what to do to finish this order. In the midst of all this my son had to go to our local hospital emergency room on two different nights and one of the emergency room doctors told him about the Wound Center at Cobb. We found the help we needed at Cobb and they advised knee high stockings. I dreaded telling our young lady that we needed to change - not to worry, she said, we'll just change them! They have arrived and we are so pleased. This transaction normally would be a headache, in real life it was very pleasant. Your young lady Jeneen (I hope I have spelled her name correctly) is a treasure. You bet when we need this type of product again we will be calling. I will keep this information and if I have the opportunity I will recommend you to others. I thank you with all my heart.

Be sure to thank Jeneen again for us, tell her how grateful we are for her
and that we love her.

We wish all of you a special blessing throughout the year.

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