Mediven Sheer & Soft Petite Pantyhose (15-20 mmHg)
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Mediven Sheer & Soft Petite Pantyhose (15-20 mmHg)

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Mediven Sheer & Soft Petite Pantyhose (15-20 mmHg)


Brand: Mediven

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Combining fashion, comfort, and medical efficacy without compromise.

Unequaled sheerness - mediven sheer & soft provides the sheerness of fashion stockings. Only you will know you are wearing a medical compression stocking.

Softer feel - mediven advanced technology provides unparalleled softness without compromising breathability or moisture regulation.

What all of this means to you - Regular wear is the key to experiencing the therapeutic benefits of medical compression therapy and improved leg health. Mediven sheer & soft has a beautiful, subtle look you will feel comfortable wearing every day.

This product is Latex free

Moderate Compression Level (15-20 mmHg) Indication Guide:
  • Minor varicosities
  • Minor varicosities during pregnancy
  • Tired Aching Legs
  • Minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling
  • Post-sclerotherapy
  • Helps Prevent DVT

Fiber Content:

Care Instructions:
Hand or machine-wash with warm water and mild soap or detergent, or Jolastic Washing Solution. No chlorine bleach. Warm water rinse. Hang or lay flat to air-dry. May dry in a dryer on low heat or delicate setting. Placing your stockings in a mesh laundry bag will help protect them during the wash cycle.
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