CEP 80's Tall Compression Socks, Men

SKU: WP500V2
White/Black Stripe

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Old school design meets the latest performance technology with CEP’s classic 80’s Tall Compression Sock for Men. Featuring the same industry-leading compression used across all of our tall socks, these socks ensure your legs and feet will recover quicker and feel lighter during and after each workout. Increased circulation, injury prevention and anatomically padded footbeds - Luxuries that no sock in the 80’s could ever match!

  • Fully graduated medical-grade compression
  • HEIQ clima-management cools the skin
  • Prevent shin splints 
  • Accelerated removal of lactic acid, recover during exercise
  • Superior moisture wicking fibers keeps skin fresh
  • Relieves pain from plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and Achilles tendon

Compression Level: 20-30mmHg

Material: 83% Polyamide, 17% Spandex