Ambra Le Roy Gentle Band Short Stretch

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10 cm x 10 m
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Size: 10 cm x 10 m / Package Size: Roll

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Short-stretch bandages play a critical role in the treatment of lymphedema, venous-stasis ulcers, severe edema, and to control post-surgical swelling. Made from 100% cotton, Ambra Le Roy's Gentle Band short-stretch bandage is exceptionally durable and reusable.  Comparable in quality to the name brands, Gentle Band is a fraction of the price.

The choice of lymphedema therapists and clinicians, Gentle Band is available in 5 widths, and 2 lengths.  Each roll includes elastic clips. Latex free.

Sold by the roll, or in boxes of 10.

5 m = 16.4 feet and 10 m = 32.8 feet

  • 4 cm x 5 m
  • 6 cm x 5 m
  • 8 cm x 5 m
  • 10 cm x 5 m
  • 12 cm x 5 m
  • 10 cm x 10 m
  • 12 cm x 10 m

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