CompriFoam (8.2 ft Roll)

SKU: 7529400
10 cm x 2.5 m x 0.4 cm

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CompriFoam is typically the second layer of wrapping, after stockinette. Foam serves two main purposes. It evenly distributes the compression from the overlaying bandaging and it provides padding. Additionally, the non-slip texture of the foam makes applying the compression bandages, like Comprilan, much easier.

CompriFoam is made from 100% polyurethane and is latex free. It is non-sliding, tear resistant, resistant to oils and lotions, and can be reused. Available in 2 widths, 10 cm and 12 cm.

Note: This item cannot be returned once opened.
  • 10 cm x 2.5 m x .4 cm
  • 12 cm x 2.5 m x .4 cm