CEP Hiking 80s Mid Cut Compression Socks, Men


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The 80’s may be timeless, but your old hiking socks sure aren’t! With all of the same innovative features of our Hiking Light Merino Socks, these 80’s Hiking Socks allow you trek carefree and assuredly. Anatomically knit and designed with an innovative blend of moisture-wicking materials, these socks are blister-free and are sure to provide unmatched comfort. Feel more confident with each step thanks to deep sensory stimulation provided by medi compression. Experience the CEP difference on your next excursion.

  • 20% lighter than standard Hiking Merino Socks
  • Step confidently with targeted compression that forms a protective shell around your ankle for extra stability
  • Asymmetric toe box and seamless toe design for perfect blister-free fit
  • Strategically placed padding on ankle bones and first metatarsal head provides long-lasting cushion and ultimate comfort
  • Blend of synthetic fibers, Merino wool, and precise compression provides comfort, durability, and temperature regulation
  • Low-maintenance ownership - machine wash and dry

Compression Level: 18-20 mmHg on ankle

Material: 71% Polyamide, 16% Wool (Merino), 13% Spandex