Jobst Compre2 Lite Bandage Kit

SKU: 7627012
18-25 cm

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Product Details

This new Jobst Compre2 bandaging kit is a simple-to-use two-layer bandage system designed specifically for easy application. It provides graduated compression for up to seven days to insure effective reduction in swelling and edema. Skin stays dry and comfortable as wounds and/or ulcers heal.

The first layer is a non-woven padding that is stretchable and great for sensitive skin. The second layer is a short stretch bandage that delivers consistent light compression. An indicator on the exterior offers an easy way to make sure the correct level of compression is used.

Available in two sizes based on ankle measurements:
  • 18-25 cm (7.125" - 9.75") ankle
  • 28-32 cm (9.75" - 12.5") ankle